Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every design is meticulously crafted with you in mind. We believe that clothing should not only make you look good but also make you feel good.


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We’ll let you in on a secret… It’s not about us, it’s about you.
You are our inspiration.

Our aim is for each piece to hold a special place in the lives of our customers. We take pride in creating garments that transcend seasons, evolving into legacy items within your personal collection.


Our size range is thoughtfully designed to cater to all shapes and sizes, from UK 18 to 40. We understand the unique needs of plus-size fashion and are dedicated to offering stylish, comfortable, and flattering clothing for everyone. Our fit process is meticulous and inclusive, accommodating different shapes and sizes to achieve a final fit that beautifully celebrates your curves.


Our story began in 1986 with Helen Teague, a visionary fashion designer who founded Big Clothes. Helen’s architectural background and her mother’s influence as a renowned Ghanaian seamstress shaped her unique understanding of plus-size fashion. She pioneered the 1-6 sizing system, whichremains at the heart of One Six today. Though Helenis now enjoying her well-earned retirement, herlegacy continues to inspire our designs.


We value our connection with you, our customers. Your feedback is essential to us, and we love building a community where your voice is heard. Join us on social media and become part of the One Six family. Together, we create a brand that reflects your style and needs.

Made in the UK


We take immense pride in the craftsmanship of our garments, designing each piece in-house in London and producing them right here in the UK. Our team includes plus-size individuals who bring invaluable insight into creating the best designs possible, ensuring a perfect fit for everyBody.

Our Journey

One six started in 1986 when a fashion designer named Helen Teague founded a company called Big Clothes.
Helen’s mother was a renowned Ghanaian seamstress whose dresses were worn by many, including the wives of presidents. Helen felt the draw of her family’s history in fashion and design.
Helen soon realised that her training as an architect was uniquely helpful when designing clothes, especially plus size clothing. A lot of plus size clothing fails to understand is the concept of plus size proportions. Helen understood plus size bodies and how to shape a flat fabric round the curves.
She identified as far back 1986 that nearly half of the UK female population wore a size 16 and above and they were under-catered for.
In order to avoid the mistakes of many plus size clothing companies at that time, Helen developed an architectural formula to cover a variety of shapes that plus size women come in.
This brilliant concept gave birth to the forerunner of One-Six. Helen introduced 6 sizes, which then became the 1-6 sizing system, the system that inspired our company’s name. See below our size chart.

  • Size 1 suits anyone from size 18-20 (Bust – 42; Hip – 448
  • Size 2 suits anyone from size 22-24 (Bust – 46; Hip – 48)
  • Size 3 suits anyone from size 26-28 (Bust – 50; Hip – 52)
  • Size 4 suits anyone from size 30-32 (Bust – 54; Hip – 56)
  • Size 5 suits anyone from size 34-36 (Bust – 58; Hip – 60)
  • Size 6 suits anyone from size 38-40 (Bust – 66; Hip – 70)

Even though Helen Teague is now enjoying her well-earned retirement, we worked closely with her for many years to gain an exceptional understanding her unique 1-6 sizing system. We are now able to combine this with our own know-how of the fashion industry. It is a combination that will continue to create much-loved, beautifully made clothes that make you feel amazing. That’s a One-Six Promise!

It’s All About You


We are in the unique position to be able to offer a SUITS YOU service where we can make amendments on our garments under request, using exactly the same premium finish as if you had bought it just like that. Please note we require a minimum length change of 4cm to allow for hemming.


We also offer an “EXCLUSIVE MADE TO ORDER” service where possible. Have we run out of the size or print you wanted? Contact us at [email protected] and we will check if we are able to make one just for you! It will be pending fabric availability.


Free UK delivery on all orders over £100.


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We've been a leader in plus-size fashion since 1986, with gorgeous garments created and made in England. We're here to make you feel confident, comfortable and to be yourself.